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About TopQualityRx

  • TopQualityRx is one of the best online pharmacies that can offer you a safe, convenient, and efficient way to buy generic drugs online. It allows you to get your prescription and OTC drugs at the best possible price. Most prescriptions are generated digitally today and TopQualityRx will meet your generic prescription needs with great discretion and medical confidentiality. If you need a generic drug, TopQualityRx is your best bet because it offers you more cost savings, safety, and convenience. It will directly mail your medicines on a fixed schedule at a place you prefer.

Larger Savings

  • Surveys have found that people could save nearly 80% on generic drugs by obtaining them from online pharmacies. Ordering generic drugs online from TopQualityRx can yield much larger savings of up to 85% on average compared to the brand-name counterparts. Prescription and OTC drugs bought from TopQualityRx are the same high-quality medicines you buy from local drugstores but at a very affordable price. TopQualityRx does not want people to be affected by high prescription drug prices.

Home Convenience

  • TopQualityRx does not believe in chain pharmacies. It aims to do the exact opposite of what a chain pharmacy does, which means no more waiting in lines and no more driving to your local drugstores. All you need to do is place your order online and TopQualityRx will do the rest. The store has a top-flight personal service, knowledgeable staff, and an excellent reputation for making home deliveries as promised within a stipulated time.

Medical Confidentiality

  • Like most regulated online pharmacies, TopQualityRx adheres to medical privacy and confidentiality assurances. It transmits payment information electronically and collects payments through credit cards, eCheck, among others so consumers have to supply some kind of personal information when purchasing generic drugs via TopQualityRx. It has a privacy policy that allows consumers to enter personal identifying information that is only used for ordering and transactions. Customers can access, review, modify or delete their personal information.

Discreet Delivery

  • TopQualityRx provides the best generic alternatives to pricier brand-name drugs. All orders are in sealed discreet packaging to protect your privacy. You will find nothing that indicates contents about the medicine or personal information. All deliveries are done through Express Mail Service (EMS). Orders may take up to 25 working days to get delivered. Shipping is free to customers who place orders above $200. Delivery charge is $25 for orders below $200.
Secure Ordering

secure ordering

Your privacy is our primary concern, that's why our site is protect with 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer Software.

customer discount

Returning customers get a 20% discount and new customers get a 10% discount on eCheck payments.

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