• How to place an order?
  • Select the product you need to buy, get registered with our website, and make the necessary payment. This way you would be able to place a successful order.
  • What happens after I place an order?
  • Once your order has been approved, it will be forwarded to the pharmacy for fulfillment and shipment the same day. We will notify you by e-mail once your order has been processed.
  • How do I track my order?
  • At any time, you can contact our customer support to have the information about tracking of the delivery parcel. Our customer support executive will provide you the appropriate information regarding your tracking number.
  • How do I cancel my order?
  • For cancellations of the order you need to contact our customer support team by email and by toll free number within the 24 hours of placing the order. After 24 hours, we will not entertain any cancellation requests.

    drugs quality

  • How can believe in Quality of the medicines sold by our online pharmacy?
  • We assure about the quality of the medications sold by us as we sell only those medicines that contain the active constituent approved by the Food and Drug Administration. We sell only those products that are manufactured in the world class facilities.
  • There are many generic Drugs on your website, are they effective enough?
  • TopQualityRx guarantee about the effectiveness of generic drugs sold by it. The generic drugs sold by us are absolute quality products. They are result-oriented like the branded counterparts as they contain the same active constituent that too in similar concentration.
  • What are generic drugs?
  • Generic drugs are the exact replica of the branded medications. They contain the same active constituent present in the branded counterpart and in exactly same concentration. They are equivocal to the branded medication in dose, strength, quality, performance, intended use, and safety. The only difference between the generic drug and branded drug is of price and color. The price of generic version of the medicine is much lower than that of the branded version of medicine. Generic drugs are amalgamation of high quality and low price.
  • Why are medicines on your online pharmacy so less priced?
  • This difference is notable because we deal specifically in the generic drugs that are manufactured in the countries that have the currency value very low in comparison to that of the developed nations in North America, South America, and Europe. The cost of production is very less in developing country thus there prices stay low. This way the person staying in developed countries find these medications very less priced in comparison to that of the medications manufactured in their country.
  • How is possible that generic drugs are available at very costs?
  • 1. Generic drug manufacturer don't have to spend any money in research as it has to use the same formulation used by branded drug manufacturer.
    2. Generic drug manufacturer gets the benefits of the marketing done by the braded drug manufacturer. Thus, the money is saved.
    3. Generic drug manufacturer don't have to spend money in advertising as he gets the benefits of the advertising done by the branded drug manufacturer. These all benefits ultimately get together in advancing the benefits of the customer that ultimately makes available the medications at very cheap costs.
  • Why does the pills ordered through online pharmacy looks different than those I purchase through local medicine shop?
  • Understand that it is the rule of the FDA to keep the shape and color of the generic drugs different than that of the branded drugs. Thus, if you are purchasing the generic drugs from our online pharmacy then certainly these drugs would be different in appearance than those you purchased from your local vendor. But, don't worry about the effect of the medicine as their active constituent is same. Remember that even the branded medications can look different if they are manufactured in different countries. So, don't think a lot about this. If in doubt confirm this by checking the active constituent mentioned on the back side of the medication packet.


  • What methods of Payment do you accept?
  • You can purchase the medications from our online pharmacy by using Visa Credit Card. US customers can also pay using Echeck. Echeck Payments are processed by Charge-One (Check2Pay).
  • What methods of Payment do you accept?
  • Believe in us. We assure you that none of your person information would be read by the third party. For this we have used advanced technological means. This doesn't allow any online fraud to take place and safeguards your important personal information.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Absolutely not. We don't charge any hidden fees during the payments. We follow the transparency standards in business.
  • Are your Prices in US dollars?
  • Yes, all the drug prices on our website are in US dollars. You would be charged in this currency only.
  • Do you deduct any sales tax?
  • No we don't cut any of the sales tax from the customer while he purchases the medication from us.


  • When will my order be delivered?
  • You order will be delivered within 15 to 25 days from the date of shipment.
  • Are there any countries where you don't deliver the medications?
  • We deliver the medications to all the countries in the world. The only essential thing here is the customer mentions the proper address.
  • What happens if the parcel comes when I am not at home?
  • If you are not at home when the parcel arrives then the delivery person would leave the parcel in your mailbox. But, if the parcel is bigger and doesn't fit into the mailbox then he will leave a note for you mentioning to collect the parcel from their local office or else you can contact our customer service department for any information in this case.
  • What to do if I receive the parcel in damaged condition?
  • In case you receive the parcel in the damaged condition then we will reship the same product to you free of charge. For this you need to send the snaps of the damaged parcel to us. We will investigate the matter and if proved that our shipping department or the shipment agent was responsible, then we would reship the product.
  • What happens if my parcel is lost?
  • If your parcel in lost during the delivery process, we will reship the medications free of cost. But, if you are the one responsible for the wrong or improper address then we would not be liable for the lost of package.
  • What to do if I don't receive the delivery of product on time?
  • Contact our customer support instantly; they will first try to track the order. If the parcel is wrongly delivered and if the mistake is from our side then we will certainly provide you with the reshipment of medications that too free of cost or you can opt for refunds. But, if we notice that you have given us the wrong address then we will not entertain any request for the refunds.


  • Will I face any trouble by buying medicines from online pharmacies?
  • You will not face any trouble from the customs department. This can be confirmed by visiting the Customs website for a particular country. There are chances of facing the trouble if you import the drugs that are banned in your country. Such cases arise very rarely. So, we recommend you to consult the doctor before ordering any medication. If you have the prescription for the particular medicine then you have a complete right to buy the medicines from the online pharmacy.


  • Do you ship to my country?
  • We ship the medications all over the world, so whichever country you might be staying you will receive the medication, but just fill the proper address. The time of delivery may wary by 1 or 2 days, but we assure that you will receive the medicine.
  • Where are medicines shipped from?
  • We ship all the medications once they are approved through our quality department. We get the products from the well-known and well-respected pharmaceutical manufacturers like Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy's, Cipla, Ajanta, and few others that have manufacturing units in India that are approved by major scientific organizations. These medicines are then packed in our unit and then they are dispatched to the customer address. These medications are shipped either by EMS or registered post.
  • What's my shipping charge?
  • Shipping is $25 for orders below $200
  • When will I get free shipment?
  • Shipment is free for orders above $200
  • Do you offer discounts on shipping?

  • We certainly offer discount on shipping, but they are generally seasonal or are given to the special customers who have done business with us for years. If you are one of our old customers and haven't received any discounts then do let us know here.
  • How will my order be shipped and packed?

  • You order will be shipped once it gets approval from our quality department within 24 hours. It will not be touched by human hands in any stage. The medicines will be packed in the manufacturers' sealed blister/strip packaging. We will then cover it the brown envelope mentioning your address and then the medication would be shipped.
  • When will my order be shipped after placing the order?

  • Your order will be dispatched by our shipping department within 24 hours. Orders placed on Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays will be fulfilled on the next business day. Once the medication is shipped we will send you an email informing you that your order is shipped and when will you receive the order


  • I didn't get the product, will I get refunds?
  • Surely yes, you are liable for the refunds if you don't receive the product. In this case the first thing you need to do is to contact our customer support and inform them that you have not received the medicine. We will look into the matter and if the mistake if from our side your request for the refunds would be processed.
  • I got another product than what I ordered, can I get refunds?
  • In this case we will first try to sort out the problem. If the problem has occurred from our side then we will reship the product to you free of cost or you can opt for the refunds. But, if you have done the fault while ordering the drug, then we can't do anything in this case.
  • I am not satisfied with the effect of the medicine, is it possible to get refunds?

  • We recommend our every customer to buy the medicine only after consulting with the doctor. So it's your doctor, who has prescribed you this medication, we are just the suppliers. Thus, we are sorry to inform you that in this case we will not entertain any inquiries for refunds.
  • Do I need to return the medications to get the refunds?

  • There is no need to return the medications in case you have been given refunds. But, if the medications you have received are in damaged condition then we recommend you not to use them at any cost. Just dump them and throw them out of your house.
  • I receive the product with expiry date already passed, are refunds possible?
  • Such case is very hard to occur because our quality department checks the expiry of the medicine and then only ships it. But, if at all such case occurs we will certainly provide you with the free reshipment of the product or even provide you the refunds. You can select whichever option you want.


  • Is prescription needed for ordering drugs?
  • Some drugs require prescription. Seek your local doctor's advice before ordering prescription drugs from online drug stores. Either email or fax us the prescription with the order number and your name; we shall get back to you for order confirmation.


  • Can I cancel the Order Once Placed?
  • Yes, you can cancel the order, but please remember that you need to inform our customer support department within 24 hours of placing the order. This is because we ship the order within 24 hours and once the order is shipped it cannot be cancelled.
  • Will I get my money back after canceling the order?
  • Certainly if you cancel the order within the 24 hours then you will get the money back and it would be credit into the same account from which it was deducted. The money would be resend to the account from which it was charged.
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